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10 Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts for Children

November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving is the day that allows us to enjoy a lot of great food, especially turkey. But, it is also the day when you can connect with your family and make thoughtful crafts with your little ones. So in a sense, Thanksgiving Day is all about being thankful for the food, family, and having fun with special Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts for Children.

Almost every house prepares meals during Thanksgiving, so that’s a common thing. So, to make this Holiday Season special for your children, you should also think of some good DIY crafts that can keep them occupied and entertained! And, once your child or children have made these arts and crafts, you could even show them to family and friends!

Why Choose Haymarket Children’s Academy (HCA)?

At HCA, we know how important it is for the children to make arts and crafts. It gives them the confidence that they can build things while also improving their motor skills, concentration, patience, and problem-solving abilities. That’s why we also do a lot of arts and crafts for the special Holidays as well!

If you also want your children to be good at making arts and crafts and be the best at everything, then you need to build the right path for them from the start. The best way to do it is by joining HCA preschool and primary school classes where we rely on play-based learning.

In addition, the physical location of HCA is also very safe and secluded since it is not present on the main road or near a busy shopping complex. This adds an extra layer of security and safety for your children, while also keeping them away from all the pollution and noise from the vehicles that are usually present on the main road.

10 Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts for Children

To make this thanksgiving holiday more entertaining, engaging, and fun, we have compiled a list of 10 arts and crafts that your children can make:

1. Menu Card for Thanksgiving Craft

If your child can use watercolors and write, then allow them to create a menu card for this Thanksgiving. The requirements for this are minimum but will allow your child to freely express their creative side.

Requirements: Watercolors, cardboard sheets, and glitter pens.

Follow these steps to make the thanksgiving menu:

  1. Help your child in cutting multiple cardboard sheets of the same size so that each guest can have their own separate menu.
  2. Once the cutting this done, leave your kid so that they can freely express their creative side to make a great menu card.
  3. After the menu cards are prepared, tell your kid to hand them to the guests.

2. Painted Rocks Craft

This one is also an easy yet highly engaging craft idea for your kids to try this Thanksgiving. As the name implies, this DIY craft involves finding rocks from the beach/countryside and painting them. Once again, this activity allows your kids to freely express their creativity with the colors!

Requirements: rocks, glue, glitters, and watercolors.

Follow these steps to make the painted rocks:

  1. Go to the beach or countryside and let your kids pick some rocks.
  2. If there’s dirt on the rocks, wash them with water.
  3. On Thanksgiving Day, let your kids paint the rocks with watercolors. They can also use glue to add glitter on top of the colored rocks.
  4. Help your kids to wash their hands before the thanksgiving meal!

3. Turkey Shaped Balloons Craft

Why not introduce the Thanksgiving special “Turkey” into the balloons? Yes, making turkey-shaped balloons is also an interesting DIY craft to try during Thanksgiving. All your kids need is some balloons and a little bit of imagination to make the balloons look like turkeys!

Requirements: Balloons, scissors, googly eyes, colored card stock

Follow these steps to make the turkey-shaped balloons:

  1. Cut the colored card stock into feather shapes that will serve as the comb of the turkey.
  2. Cut some triangle-shaped card stocks that will be used for the nose.
  3. Blow up the balloons and use glue to stick the feathers, nose, and other parts.
  4. Have fun with the turkey-shaped balloons and once the kids are done, hang the balloons on the walls!

4. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft

Can’t afford to let the kids run wild in the kitchen while you prepare the meals? Then get them some toilet paper tubes, card stocks, googly eyes, and some glue to make their own turkey!

This is a low-cost DIY craft that allows your kids to make something from their imagination. However, that’s not to say that it is any less fun, even if it is easy and low-cost!

Requirements: Toilet paper roll tubes, paper, card stocks, googly eyes, and glue.

Follow these steps to make the toilet paper roll turkey:

  1. Wrap the toilet paper tube with brown paper.
  2. Use glue to stick googly eyes in the middle and also make a beak from colorful card stocks.
  3. Cut some feather-shaped card stocks and stick them on the sides towards the back.

5. Yarn Pumpkin Craft

Got some yarn lying around the house? Even if not, you can buy some and let your kids make pumpkins out of them! Besides yarn, you will only need to buy some balloons, scissors, and hot glue.

Requirements: Scissors, hot glue, orange yarn, green yarn, and balloons.

Follow these steps to make the yarn pumpkin:

  1. Use small balloons and blow them to the size of a small pumpkin.
  2. Use glue to cover the orange yarn on the balloons completely in a zig-zag pattern.
  3. Wait for 10 minutes so that the glue on the craft can dry.
  4. Burst the balloons and remove them from the yarn.
  5. Now add a stem at the top using green yarn.

6. Apple Print Pumpkins Craft

Got some leftover apples at the house? Let your kids use them to make pumpkin stamps! And once they have made a couple of pumpkin shapes on the paper, add some googly eyes and pipe cleaners to bring the pumpkin to life!

Requirements: Apple, orange paint, glue, and pipe cleaners (green & brown)

Follow these steps to make the apple print pumpkins craft:

  1. Cut the apples in half.
  2. Apply a coat of orange paint on each half.
  3. Now press the apples on a piece of paper gently to print the pumpkin shape.
  4. Add some googly eyes and use pipe cleaners for the stem and leaves.

7. Colorful Leaf Craft

For this DIY craft, take your kids on a morning walk during Thanksgiving Day and collect some dry leaves! Then, just give them some sketch pens and googly eyes to turn these leaves into different animals.

Requirements: Dry leaves, sketch pens, and googly eyes.

Follow these steps to make the colorful leaf craft:

  1. Collect different-sized dry leaves.
  2. Draw eyes, nose, and face on the leaves using sketch pens.

8. Gloves Turkey Craft

Add some googly eyes on the thumb of the gloves and feathers on each finger of the glove… And once the kids have made the turkey from gloves, they can also make a nice puppet show out of it! If possible, try to acquire some real bird feathers, as it would make the turkey even cooler!

Requirements: Winter gloves, scissors, colorful card stocks, and glue.

Follow these steps to make the gloves turkey craft:

  1. Cut feather shapes from different colors of card stocks.
  2. Now use glue to stick them on each finger of the glove.
  3. Cut a triangle shape from the card stock and add it as a beak on the glove’s thumb.
  4. Add some googly eyes, and the glove turkey is complete!
  5. (optional) Add some real bird feathers in the mix to make it look real.

9. Pumpkin Handprint Cards Craft

Use some orange paint to add hand prints on a white card stock and add some boundaries to make it look like a pumpkin. Now, cut out the pumpkin shape and place it on another card stock. So there you have it – The thanksgiving special greeting card is ready! Place it on the dining table so the visitors can see it or send it to the far-away family!

Requirements: Orange paint, scissors, green paint, and card stocks.

Follow these steps to make the pumpkin handprint cards craft:

  1. Let the kids paint their hands with orange color and then print it on a white card stock.
  2. Add a boundary of orange color so that it looks like a pumpkin.
  3. Use green paint to make a stem.
  4. Cut out the pumpkin shape and place it on a different color card stock.
  5. Write personalized greetings, and the thanksgiving card is ready!

10. Snack Cones Craft

It can be difficult for the kids to wait before the main feast of Thanksgiving can begin… To make the wait easy and fun, let them prepare snack cones for the guests! All you need is just some scissors and paper to prepare this DIY craft!

Requirements: Scissors, paper, and crackers

Follow these steps to make the snack cones craft:

  1. Cut cone shapes (around 7-8 inches) from the paper.
  2. Roll the paper into the cone shape.
  3. Fill the cone with crackers.
  4. Have fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

On behalf of the Haymarket Children’s Academy family, we would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, and a wonderful Holidays Season.