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10 Ways to Start the New Year off Right

new year objectives
February 8, 2023

The month of January brings an opportunity for all of us to get a fresh start and start planning our new year.. So, let’s tackle our New Year’s resolutions during February. This means correcting past mistakes and making resolutions for the months ahead. Now, these New Year’s resolutions can mean different things for adults and preschool students. Let’s take a closer look.

For a preschool student, it can be a great time to improve academic performance, reading skills, or even change behavior. For an adult, it could be getting a new job, starting a business, among many other empowering ideas. However, despite the difference in these goals, the end result should always be the same: enhance your life as your ultimate goal.

So, today we will look at some resolutions for students that can help them grow from both a personal and academic perspective. And last but not least, how to make the most out of their learning experience while having fun!

new year kids resolutions

10 Ways to Start the New Year off Right

Feeling energetic for starting the year off right but not sure where to start? Then take a look at these 10 New Year resolutions for kids:

1. Earn Good Grades

The first New Year resolution goal is related to academic performance. Learning to work towards getting good grades from a young age can go a long way toward success as the kid grows and faces new challenges.

To achieve this, students can work towards practicing skills, paying attention during class time, completing homework, and so on. It will be basically a combination of all the skills that will also improve other areas of life.

2. Become a good reader

According to Reading Agency, children who start reading books regularly at an early stage can perform better in vocabulary, maths, and spelling tests. This highlights the importance of becoming a good reader at a young age.

And there’s no better way to start when the kid is at the early stages of education. By just allocating 30 minutes per day to reading, students most likely will improve their reading abilities.

Another way to achieve this is to read daily to a friend or a younger sibling. This can help a kid become a fluent reader and will even improve their confidence!

3. Improve Writing Skills

Writing is an important medium for communication that is used throughout life. So for this year, your kid can work towards improving their writing skill as the New Year resolution. And if they need some inspiration, you can also choose this New Year’s resolution for them!

Now you may be wondering about the best way to improve writing skill. Well, the answer is a very straightforward one: Start writing each day!

A kid can start by writing a short summary of what they did at school or by writing short stories. This will help them to improve their vocabulary and will even help in cognitive development.

4. Memorize Basic Math

Another good New Year resolution for a preschool student is to memorize basic maths! I know it is really important to understand the basic concepts rather than memorization. But, when it comes to basic math facts, an exception can be made.

The use of mathematics is spread in all areas of life, and it can be really beneficial to quickly do basic maths. Sure, kids these days have access to modern gadgets, which makes it easy to quickly get access to a calculator. But there’s nothing that can beat the good old math.

In fact, a strong basic foundation in maths will help the kid throughout their personal and professional life!

As for how to achieve this New Year’s resolution, the easiest way is to start practicing every day. This can be done through simple math problems, flashcards, or an online platform such as XtraMath.

And since we are talking about preschool students, they should learn the following:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

5. Watch less TV

Do you know that around 64% of children (less than 8 years old) spend 100 minutes watching TV? This can affect a child’s reading skills, short-term memory, and even language development!

With the New Year, why not encourage the kids to spend less time on the TV screens? This will allow the kids to spend more time outdoors and be mindful of their surroundings. And last but not least, the child will move towards more healthy activities such as reading books, playing with friends, etc.

And while you are at it, why only stop at the TV? Try to limit your kid’s screen time on all digital devices (mobiles, tablets, computers, etc.).

6. Try New Foods

One of the common problems for preschoolers is that they tend to be picky eaters. So another good New Year resolution idea for your little one is to try new foods!

Most of the time, a kid is just reluctant to try new food, and parents also give in to their demands. But when you encourage the little ones to try new things (food in this case), there’s a good chance that they will find a new food they enjoy.

Preschool management and the parents can both work towards encouraging the kids to hold themselves accountable and to try new food.

7. Drink More Water

The next New Year’s resolution for preschoolers is to drink more water… In fact, that’s one of those New Year’s resolutions that adults can benefit from as well.

According to one study, inadequate hydration was present in around 25% of children. So this is most definitely one of the good goals that can help your little one feel healthier & properly hydrated.

So as parents, try to make a New Year resolution that you and your kids will drink more water starting this year.

Start by telling your kid how beneficial it is to drink enough water every day. And in case you also pick up this New Year resolution, the kid will also learn by looking at you as an example!

8. Write a Journal

Writing a journal can help students improve their writing and to express their feelings. It also helps them to process feelings and to communicate their ideas! All of these benefits are directly tied to improved academic performance & can help the kid relieve stress.

And besides all these benefits, it is also a fun hobby, so there’s no reason not to pick up ‘writing a journal” this year!

9. Play Sports

If your preschool kid is not spending enough time playing engaging sports, then it is high time to start doing this this year!

If your kid already plays and enjoys a sport, they can work towards improving their skills. And if they don’t have a particular preference, you can help them pick up a new sport that they like.

Playing sports can help a kid’s physical, emotional, and mental health. In fact, it can even lead to educational & career success, according to the PCSFN Science Board.

10. Family Game Night

The last New Year’s resolution on our list is related to spending more time with family! A fun way to achieve this is to play family game nights that can help the whole family bond together. In the end, this will help your family to become stronger (your kid will also form loving memories of the whole family playing together).

Such memories can last for a lifetime & your little ones will forever cherish these fun times even later in time.

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