Haymarket Children's Academy

Month: August 2019

Prevent Your Child From Bullying
August 29, 2019

When you start sending your young child to school, you may fear that they’ll become a victim of bullying. But what if your child is the one bullying others? Whether it’s a phone call from your child’s school, another parent …

Tips to Teach Kids About Money
August 22, 2019

As a parent, it’s never too early to start instilling good habits into your little one. Teaching them important money lessons while they’re still kids is giving them knowledge that will last them a lifetime. Financial skills are an essential …

Teaching Kids About Honesty
August 16, 2019

Every parent wants to raise kids who tell the truth. However, as your child grows in independence and develops a mind of their own, you may notice that they start telling little white lies or even big whoppers. Beginning at …