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Benefits of Private School for First Graders

Benefits of Private School for First Graders
June 21, 2022

Parents want the best for their children, and school is no exception. Public schools are usually overcrowded, which can make it difficult for the teachers to focus on the individual growth and skill-building of the students. On the other hand, private schools have a better student-to-teacher ratio which means that the students get wider access to learning opportunities and developing skills. Our world is constantly changing, and to keep up with the pace, it is important to equip the children with the right tools from the start. Quality education is the first step in providing your child with these tools! That is why we’ll dig deeper across the main benefits of private school for first graders

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Gainesville, VA Private School – 1st Grade Classes

If you are looking for a premier educational experience, then you are lucky, as Haymarket Children’s Academy has opened enrollment for its First Grade class. At this private school, it is all about creating a safe yet fun environment for the young learners to observe, develop, and lead!

Some of the benefits of private school for first graders that HCA provides are:

  • Project-Based Learning – Through our unique approach to project-based learning, your child can learn and improve at a faster pace.
  • Unique Curriculum – Haymarket Children’s Academy offers a curriculum that equips your child with the required skills and confidence they need to face the world. 
  • Hands-on Games – Through interesting, engaging, hands-on projects, games, and experiments, a child can learn much better as compared to other forms of learning.

If you want a great start for your child’s education and are living in Northern Virginia, please visit our page to learn more about the benefits of private school for first graders.

Benefits of Private School for First Graders

Let’s look at 5 core benefits of private school for first graders at Haymarket Children’s Academy:

1. Proper Teacher-to-Child ratio

Just imagine this scenario: Class A has 30 students and only 1 teacher. On the other hand, Class B has 15 students and only 1 teacher. In this situation, the students from which class will have a better chance of developing a close relationship with the teacher? The teacher from which class will be able to provide a more personalized delivery to the students? Of course, the answer will be Class B which has a better teacher to student ratio.

In 2002, a study was conducted by famous educational researchers David Charles Berliner & Bruce J. Biddle on ‘Small Class Size and Its Effects.’ According to the research, the academic performance of the students increased as the class size decreased!

Besides that, there are also numerous studies on how smaller class sizes can improve the grades of the students. A smaller class size ensures that students get to have more one-on-one time and interaction with the teachers. On top of that, the teacher can also give more time to individual students and can thus develop a sense of their strengths and challenges. Therefore, using this information, the teacher can customize the curriculum for each student to improve their academic progress and to help them develop new skills.

Haymarket Children’s Academy offers a smaller class size which means that your child can reap all the benefits that come with it! Contact us now to learn more about HCA’s classes.

2. Parental Collaboration

In private schools, the relationship between the school administration and parents has a closer acquaintance. In fact, they ensure that the parents are actively involved in the child’s education at the school and at home. That’s why it is common among private schools to arrange meetings and events such as parent breakfasts, festivals, outdoor movie nights, and family fellowship opportunities.

Through these events and meetings, parents become a part of the child’s school culture right from the start, which offers numerous benefits for both the child and the parent-teacher relationship. Similarly, private schools also keep the parents informed about the child’s progress at the school and even devise strategies on how to improve it through mutual collaboration (school & parents).

3. More Resources

Public/government-operated schools rely on government funding to operate, and that’s why it is common for these schools to have fewer resources. Moreover, in some cases across the United States, it is the students that suffer from the scarcity of resources.

On the other hand, private schools offer ample resources and facilities for the students to excel in their learning. Some of the resources you can expect from a private school include expansive playgrounds, garden, nature trail, amphitheatre, sports facilities, art studio, STEM labs, library, and a Café for cooking projects. These resources are essential for a student to discover their interests as well as to nurture their strengths.

4. Improved Academic Results

A study by Marc Frenette and Ping Ching Winnie Chan revealed that students who attended private schools had better academic records than the students who attended public schools. There are numerous studies that highlight the improved academic performance of students who are studying at a private school, but what’s the reason?

Well, there are numerous reasons, but it boils down to more attention and activities are provided in a private school setting. As a result, the students who attend private schools score higher on maths and possess a higher level of verbal and written ability. On average, the score of private schools was 60 to 70 points above average on the standardized tests.

5. More Extracurricular Opportunities

Smaller class sizes and access to more resources mean less competition for the students. Students will be able to have access to more extracurricular opportunities as compared to public schools. For example, a student can join their favourite sports team or can participate in any other extracurricular activities offered by the school.

On the other hand, it is not so easy to join extracurricular activities in public schools due to the higher number of students and sometimes limited resources.

Access to more extracurricular opportunities means that the students can increase their abilities, develop new interests, and, more importantly, learn valuable skills on how to be a team player!

Haymarket Children’s Academy excels at providing a wide range of extracurricular opportunities for elementary students and even offers a full-fledged summer camp!

Haymarket Children’s Academy: Private School in Gainesville, VA.

Benefits of Private School for First Graders: Ready to Take the Next Step?

Your child deserves the best. If your son or daughter is ready for First Grade in Gainesville, VA, consider Haymarket Children’s Academy as their premier educational academy. We are passionate about creating a nurturing, safe, encouraging, stimulating, and fun environment for young children to learn, develop and thrive. Connect with us today to learn more about the benefits of private school for first graders: (571) 261-2020.