The Importance of Early Childhood Education

The lessons your child learns before first grade are vital to their future learning endeavors. Early childhood education helps shape children’s minds and character and creates a strong foundation upon which all future learning is based. When done properly, the right curriculum can help your child develop a lifelong love of learning.

At Haymarket Children’s Academy in Gainesville, VA, we are proud of our award-winning, proprietary curriculum that introduces your child to concepts such as critical thinking, math, science and language early on. They are presented in a fun way that encourages creativity and play.

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Haymarket Children’s Academy’s Accredited Curriculum

At HCA, we have developed an effective curriculum utilizing Frog Street, which we implement in all our early childhood education programs. Our parents love our award-winning curriculum because it smoothly introduces new concepts to children in an approachable way. Our students also love it because it allows them to engage in play-based learning. In addition,research-based success predictors are used to provide an ongoing assessment of your child’s development.

Haymarket Children’s Academy, as well as our award-winning Frog Street curriculum, offers many educational benefits we know you will appreciate, such as:

  • Accredited by Cognia: Our curriculum has been reviewed and accredited by Cognia, a highly regarded and respected organization that ensures your child receives premier instruction.
  • Curriculum specialist: At HCA, we are proud to have our very own curriculum specialist on staff, a position that’s unique in the education industry. She ensures our specially designed curriculum is implemented correctly and runs smoothly as she monitors the quality of our program. The curriculum specialist also organizes and leads training sessions for our teachers throughout the year.
  • Small class sizes: Teachers provide instruction in small class settings, which allow them to provide focused attention to your child.
  • Qualified and caring teachers: Our teachers love working with kids. Each has years of experience caring for and teaching young children, and they make it their goal to make the classroom a safe, nurturing space for your child to learn.
  • STEAM subjects: In recent years, a number of early education institutes have discovered the importance of integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) into the classrooms of our littlest learners. At HCA, we incorporate these disciplines into fun projects so that your children will have the skills they need later on in life to be creative innovators.
  • Play-based learning: The love of play comes innately to young children, and at HCA we utilize this with play-based learning. Through the use of games and activities, children are encouraged to explore, discover and develop critical thinking skills and other essential concepts by using their imagination and creativity. This type of learning is hands-on, interpersonal and tactile, which keeps children actively engaged.
Frogstreet Preschool Curriculum

Early Childhood Education Programs Offered at HCA

Once a child graduates and is ready to move beyond our nursery program, we have several private early childhood education options to choose from depending on their age and level of development. All are designed to effectively prepare your child for a successful entry into their elementary education:

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We know how important it is to find the right early education opportunities for your child. We believe that once you visit Haymarket Children’s Academy and learn more about our private curriculum, you will understand why we are Gainesville’s premier choice for preschool, pre-k and private kindergarten.

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