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Today, more and more parents are choosing private kindergarten programs for their children. The first year of elementary school is a crucial time in your child’s development, where their self-confidence begins to grow as they learn a new found sense of independence and responsibility.

Our private kindergarten program at Haymarket Children’s Academy in Gainesville, VA, provides an easy transition for children who have already gone through pre-k and wish to advance and prepare for first grade. Our teachers work with your children individually as they discover the joy and challenges of learning new skills. Our private kindergarten program provides a nurturing environment of love, collaborative learning and individualized attention.


Even if your child has gone through preschool or pre-k, kindergarten is the foundation upon which all future learning is built. Kindergarten prepares them to become first graders and fosters a life-long love of learning.

Personalized instruction is one of the main advantages of a private kindergarten program. Under the supervision of a caring teacher, your child will learn a variety of crucial skills, such as:

  • Math & reasoning
  • Reading
  • Science & experimenting
  • Creativity

Small class sizes

We limit the size of our private kindergarten classes so we can avoid “teaching to the middle.” As opposed to the more rigid structure of public schools.

Newly renovated classrooms

Each of our newly renovated classrooms provides a cozy, home-like atmosphere that encourages exploration and learning.

Our values & character

Through learning experiences, we focus on values including honesty, friendship, respect, acceptance, and kindness. In addition to providing quality education.
- What makes us unique-

Kindergarten students get full access to our Outpost!

All our kindergarten students get full access to our Outpost. This means parents can enjoy before & after care, out of school days get replaced with camp days, and bad weather days also get treated as camp days so parents never have to worry about missing work. During before & after care we provide breakfast and snacks! Pick-up and drop-off is also available, just ask one of administrators.

Meet Our Procare App


This feature allows parents to see what their children are doing throughout the day.


Our days are filled with lots of activities, this allows the teacher to give a brief synopsis about the activity they are doing and how it pertains to the lesson plans on a daily basis.


This is a great way to see what your child ate, how much they ate or if they refused any food. This helps a parent pick up where we leave off or be able to notice eating patterns and make adjustments if need be.


Each diaper change or visit to the potty are recorded in detail (diaper cream applied, wet or BM, accident etc.)


This will record how many times and how long your child naps throughout the day. Teachers can make notes regarding nap time so parents can keep an eye on their child’s sleep schedule during the day (ex, refused nap, opted for a quiet time activity instead)


If your child has been injured at school, the teachers will put in an incident report describing the nature of the injury//incident, what first aid was administered, if the parent had been notified and a description of the injury/incident.
"As William Butler Yeats once said, education is the not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
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