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Welcome new parents! We are so grateful that you have chosen Haymarket Children’s Academy as your early childhood education provider. Below are links to registration documents. Fill out the forms and submit.
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Developmental Milestone Our Curriculum Helps Achieve

Cognitive Development

We teach our children how to reason, think and understand through problem-solving, symbolic play, imitation and memory activities.

Sensory Learning

Children learn best by using more than one of their senses. Multisensory learning will target the whole brain and assist children in grasping those key foundational skills.

Music and Movement

Helping children learn to evolve their skills through self expression is of high importance. Music and movement enhances fine and gross motor skills in a fun and interactive fashion.

Social Development

Children cultivate new relationships with teachers and peers which enhances self-confidence, empathy, and teaches them there is value in themselves and the people around them. Honing in on identifying emotions and educating children on healthy ways to communicate their feelings will return lifelong rewards.

Physical Activity

Child development improves very quickly when children are using their whole bodies. It builds a healthier body composition as well as stronger bones and muscles. These activities will help enhance concentration, motor and thinking skills.

Language Development

From an early age children will begin to learn crucial language techniques. By using repetition, imitation, and word association this will help build a child’s ability to communicate.These skills will lay the foundation in the future for reading and writing as they progress over the years.
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We know how important it is to find the right early education opportunities for your child. We believe that once you visit Haymarket Children’s Academy and learn more about our approach, you'll comprehend the importance of delivering excellence in a happy, healthy, and academic environment.