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This time in your infant child’s life is precious. As their curiosity soars and their ability to learn grows, you may feel that your baby is ready to start going to daycare. Finding the right nursery program in Gainesville, VA is the perfect plan to help your child start learning, developing, discovering and exploring their creativity and the world around them.


Baby daycare exists to facilitate growth, encourage learning and enhance early-stage life skills for young children. No matter if you’re looking in the Gainesville, VA, area or elsewhere, we hope you choose a school with strong core values. Enrolling your child in a nursery daycare program will grant you access to many benefits, such as trusted care-giving and ongoing learning.

State-of-the-art nursery

Our nursery includes separate rooms for nap time with a crib per infant. In addition, we have separate rooms for dining and playing. In addition, the nursery has it's separate HVAC ventilation system.

Low teacher to child ratio

Our teacher to child ratio is one to four until all children are 16 months old. After that, the ratio transitions to one to five. Our promise to you is that your child will always have a pair of loving, caring and nurturing eyes looking after them.

All-inclusive features

Everything from diapers and wipes to meals and organic milk is included in your child’s tuition. Extra love and care are also accounted for!

Meet Our Procare App


This feature allows parents to see what their children are doing throughout the day.


Our days are filled with lots of activities, this allows the teacher to give a brief synopsis about the activity they are doing and how it pertains to the lesson plans on a daily basis.


This is a great way to see what your child ate, how much they ate or if they refused any food. This helps a parent pick up where we leave off or be able to notice eating patterns and make adjustments if need be.


Each diaper change or visit to the potty are recorded in detail (diaper cream applied, wet or BM, accident etc.)


This will record how many times and how long your child naps throughout the day. Teachers can make notes regarding nap time so parents can keep an eye on their child’s sleep schedule during the day (ex, refused nap, opted for a quiet time activity instead)


If your child has been injured at school, the teachers will put in an incident report describing the nature of the injury//incident, what first aid was administered, if the parent had been notified and a description of the injury/incident.
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