Understanding Infant Daycare and How It Can Help Your Child Blossom

This time in your infant child’s life is precious. As their curiosity soars and their ability to learn grows, you may feel that your baby is ready to start going to daycare. Finding the right nursery program in Gainesville, VA is the perfect plan to help your child start learning, developing, discovering and exploring their creativity and the world around them.

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The Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in a Nursery Program

Baby daycare exists to facilitate growth, encourage learning and enhance early-stage life skills for young children. No matter if you’re looking in the Gainesville, VA, area or elsewhere, we hope you choose a school with strong core values. Enrolling your child in an infant daycare program will grant you access to many benefits, such as trusted care-giving and ongoing learning.

How Your Child Will Grow at Infant Daycare

Nursery Programs in Gainesville, VA are there to help your child develop skills crucial to exploring and interacting with their world. A well-run program will develop your child’s communication skills through reading and interactive play, strengthen their cognitive abilities through tactile learning and memory exercises and nurture social skills through the presence of other children and teachers.

Your child will also start expanding their emotional skills as our teachers hug, walk, cradle and talk to them throughout the day. Motor development is another key focus at toddler daycare. Through encouragement and a little hands-on help, your child will practice everything from rolling over and sitting up to holding objects and walking.

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The Benefits of Choosing the Haymarket Children’s Academy Program

Our infant daycare program in Gainesville, VA is carefully designed for babies from birth to 11 months old and toddlers from 12 to 19 months old. Haymarket Children’s Academy is a private academy with unique benefits like the following:

  • Experienced teachers who truly love children: Our teachers are experienced lovers of teaching, reading and singing to and playing with children. They’re also passionate about guiding toddlers in developing language, cognitive, sensory and motor skills. At Haymarket Children’s Academy, we even have our very own curriculum specialist who implements our award-winning curriculum, Frog Street. She also organizes and leads training and monitors the quality of our program.
  • State-of-the-art nursery: When you drop your child off at our infant daycare program, you can leave peacefully knowing that your child will spend their day in a state-of-the-art nursery. Together, we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive care plan and ensure your infant or toddler receives everything they need each day.
  • Low teacher to child ratio: Our teacher to child ratio is one to four until all children are 16 months old. After that, the ratio transitions to one to five. Our promise to you is that your child will always have a pair of loving, caring and nurturing eyes looking after them.
  • All-inclusive features: Everything from diapers and wipes to meals and organic milk is included in your child’s tuition. Extra love and care are also accounted for!
  • Onsite chef: Haymarket Children’s Academy is the only Nursery Program in Gainesville, VA, that has a full-time, on-site chef. Our chef uses organic, locally-sourced foods to make healthy, age-appropriate meals and snacks.
  • Safety is a top priority: At Haymarket Children’s Academy, the safety and security of your children is number one. We have a very secure daycare facility equipped with cameras, fob-accessed doors and a six-foot wall of concrete and steel surrounding the property. Our school is also located in a safe area away from the main road.

The Toddler Daycare Environment at Haymarket Children’s Academy

Nestled away off the main thoroughfare in Gainesville, VA, our toddler daycare runs during the week and on most holidays. Our nursery is filled with warm energy and nurturing caregiving. Many of our parents confirm that Haymarket Children’s Academy’s infant daycare feels like their own home. Interested in coming by and feeling the warmth? Schedule a tour with us today!


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    Parents’ Feedback

    We just had a baby, our first, and we were very nervous about which nursery school to choose. Haymarket Children's Academy is a God send! Their teachers keep us informed and email us cute pictures during the day. Our baby boy is happy and loved on. We love HCA!

    E. Robertson