Haymarket Children's Academy

The Outpost


Haymarket Children’s Academy is a local early childhood education provider in Prince William County. Our school community includes young students and families from Haymarket, Gainesville, and Manassas.

The Outpost is our special building where the Primary School is housed. With a wide spectrum of academic activities — such as art, theatre, cooking, and more —, The Outpost offers your child with every told they need to grow, learn, and succeed in their future endeavors.


We’re dedicated to providing ample scheduling and transportation options to the parents of our school-age students in our before/after school programs. Included in the cost of tuition, we provide transportation to and from the following schools in Prince William County:

  • Buckland Mills Elementary
  • Haymarket Elementary
  • Gravely Elementary
  • Mountain View Elementary
  • Tyler Elementary
  • Glenkirk Elementary
  • Piney Branch Elementary

Extracurricular Activities

We may be able to also deliver your child to their extracurricular activities.


If you have other transportation or scheduling needs, we may be able to accommodate.


Please ask administration about your specific needs for more information.

Additional features about our morning and afternoon programs

During pick-up and drop-off our students get to stay with us at our Outpost facility to enjoy some fun activities. While we like to enjoy games, social time, outdoor play, science projects, art class, and cooking, we also dedicate time to homework help and breakfast time! 

Did you know we offer AM & PM snack in addition to breakfast?

Pick-up & Drop-off at HCA

HCA takes the safety of your children very seriously. We currently offer pick-up and drop-off for our older students through our 7 company vehicles. We are equipped with two vans and five school buses that meet all the safety measures as instructed by the federal law. 

All our teachers are qualified and experienced in pick-up and drop-offs and we take our schedule very seriously to ensure students arrive and are pick-up from their destination within schedule. 

HCA is committed to providing our parents with all the resources they need to succeed, if you are in need of pick-up or drop-off for your child, get in touch with one of our teachers today to arrange next steps. 

5 Buses

Currently HCA is equipped with 5 total buses for students.

2 Vans

Currently HCA is equipped with 2 vans for drop-off & pick-up as well as field trips. 

Qualified Staff

All our educators are qualified, experience, and passionate about working with children. 

Children Safety

All our vehicles are equipped with the most advanced safety feature for our students. 

"Play is the work of all children, it's our job to encourage it."
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Giovanna McGregor Director