The Importance of Pre-K

Successful pre-k programs teach children how to learn, be curious about things, and find answers to problems. When children are 3 – 4 years old, they begin to manage their thoughts. A good pre-k program helps children learn to deal with frustration, and how to solve conflicts in a healthy way. Children’s participation in a high-quality pre-k program helps them make the transition from preschool and get a solid start in school.

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The Benefits of Pre-K

Kids who go through a pre-k program are better prepared for elementary school than those who do not. Choosing quality early childhood education is an important decision that we want to help you make.

Our curriculum prepares children for kindergarten with an ongoing assessment of research-based success predictors and playful, purposeful and personalized instruction. All parts of your child’s day are considered opportunities for learning. Our goal is to give them a strong foundation for life in a playful, loving and nurturing environment. At Haymarket Children’s Academy, we have a curriculum specialist and use Frog Street, an award-winning curriculum, that will ensure your child is ready for kindergarten.

Pre-K Classroom Activities

How Your Child Will Learn and Grow at a Pre-K Program

At age four, children learn the most through play. At Haymarket Children’s Academy, we encourage and emphasize play-based learning. Play-based learning is exactly what it sounds like. Since young children innately love to play, play-based learning uses games and activities as the grounds for learning. Children can discover, explore and develop critical thinking skills by using their creativity and imagination.

Our play-based learning approach includes both teacher-prompted and child-sparked learning. For instance, as children play with blocks or with each other, teachers will ask questions that encourage prediction, hypothesizing and problem-solving abilities. This way, teachers can introduce concepts such as math, science and language early on. This kind of play-based education allows for hands-on learning through different kinds of intrapersonal and tactile engagement.

The Benefits of Haymarket’s Private Pre-K Program

If you’re looking for a pre-k program in Gainesville, VA, Haymarket Children’s Academy’s unique, one-of-a-kind facility will be perfect for your needs. Our teachers have years of experience caring for and teaching young children, and we have our very own curriculum specialist who ensures our specially designed curriculum — Frog Street — runs smoothly. Another advantage of Haymarket Children’s Academy is that we have an in-house chef that prepares all local, organic and healthy meals.

Haymarket Children’s Academy has four playgrounds across our four-acre campus. Our location is also home to a nature trail/bike path, three jungle gyms and outdoor learning centers, including our garden, an archery range, a gaga pit, an outdoor stage and a pavilion to cook, eat and gather outside. Each of our newly renovated classrooms has an Apple tablet that enables our teachers to communicate with our parents throughout the week.

Our campus also features an art gallery, toy shop, arcade, theatre, apothecary, a private pre-kindergarten room, cafe, construction zone and library. We even have a full-sized gym! All meals and snacks are included in tuition. In addition, you can rest assured that our school is extremely safe. We’re located off the main road and use state-of-the-art security measures. We can assure you that your children will be nurtured and have a great experience as they fall in love with learning in many diverse ways.

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    Parents’ Feedback

    I absolutely love my preschool! My child is loved on and is learning so much at Haymarket Children’s Academy. I feel that we are a part of their family, not just a business customer. I highly recommend HCA to all families of young children.

    A. Wilson, parent

    The building and playground at Haymarket Children's Academy is so large and has so much to offer for my second grader! She loves the cafe, the art room, the theatre, the bike path, the bouncy house, and so much more. I also like that they are open on days when the school system is closed. This really helps.

    P. Brooks, parent

    We just had a baby, our first, and we were very nervous about which nursery school to choose. Haymarket Children's Academy is a God send! Their teachers keep us informed and email us cute pictures during the day. Our baby boy is happy and loved on. We love HCA!

    E. Robertson

    We looked all over for the right summer camp for our 8 year old. She wanted sports, the water park, field trips, and the typical activities you expect at camp. Camp Blue Ridge has it all. Also, I really appreciate the pricing is all inclusive. No hidden fees and you choose the number of weeks to attend. Our daughter had so much fun and she will definitely be back next year!

    S. Ramos