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As your child transitions out of the nursery program, their capacity to learn and take in new concepts grows exponentially. Haymarket Children’s Academy ensures there is an appropriate place for children at every stage of their development. Our Gainesville, VA preschool program is more than just daycare. It’s designed to give children a head start on concepts they’ll learn in pre-k. Our curriculum makes every part of your child’s day an opportunity to grow and make learning fun.


Preschool is an important step between the nursery and pre-k. Although developmentally they can grasp new concepts, this age still needs to be engaged in a particular way. That’s why our preschool program focuses on play-based learning, providing an educational daycare experience.

In the comfort of a home-like environment, your child will learn a variety of new skills in preschool. Through daily games and activities, you’ll see them begin to grow in five essential domains:

  • Social 
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Physical
  • Language

Low staff-to-child ratio

To ensure your child receives individualized care and instruction, we keep our staff-to-child ratio low. You can always rest assured that your child is receiving the attention they need to nurture their learning.

Safety is of key importance

The security and safety of your children is our number one concern. Our daycare facility is located off the main thoroughfare, making it a quiet and safe place of learning.

Age appropriate fun

Our expansive facility has tons of activities for your children to enjoy including playgrounds, nature trails and a cozy classroom environment where your child can learn.

Meet Our Procare App


This feature allows parents to see what their children are doing throughout the day.


Our days are filled with lots of activities, this allows the teacher to give a brief synopsis about the activity they are doing and how it pertains to the lesson plans on a daily basis.


This is a great way to see what your child ate, how much they ate or if they refused any food. This helps a parent pick up where we leave off or be able to notice eating patterns and make adjustments if need be.


Each diaper change or visit to the potty are recorded in detail (diaper cream applied, wet or BM, accident etc.)


This will record how many times and how long your child naps throughout the day. Teachers can make notes regarding nap time so parents can keep an eye on their child’s sleep schedule during the day (ex, refused nap, opted for a quiet time activity instead)


If your child has been injured at school, the teachers will put in an incident report describing the nature of the injury//incident, what first aid was administered, if the parent had been notified and a description of the injury/incident.
"Through play children learn how to learn, through play children grow."
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